The Change to Walking Program is a pilot behaviour change initiative funded by VicHealth and delivered through Victoria Walks. The pilot program tested the effectiveness of specific nudge theories, to encourage walking for short trips to train stations and primary schools. The overarching theme for the intervention for the primary school setting is based on engaging parents in an easy and risk reducing way to walk to school, to fit around their lifestyles and needs. At the same time, this approach helped to engage the school children through fun visual communication which would also involve individual and shared rewards. The visual language reflects the fun, interactive and accessible concept of the Change to Walking Program. Stemming from consultations with various stakeholders in a co-design setting. From parents, teachers to the primary school students, an array of vibrant colour combinations were created, that were applied across the campaign materials. The various graphical elements of the identity were used in a mix of ways when applied to the poster designs, badges, stationery through to the apparel design worn by volunteers that were situated at various train stations. A snapshot of the pilot program result showed that 134 fewer cars were driven around schools, 84% of regular walkers are now walking even more, 81% of children were encourage to walk more because of the Change to Walking materials and 45% of children usually driven to school are now walking more!