I am a Melbourne-based designer passionate about the process, the craft and the impact of design. My work sits at the intersection of brand identity and digital design.
For over 11 years I have had the opportunity to collaborate with a wide range of organisations and companies, from federal to local government, through to the design, arts, sports and hospitality industries within Australia, and internationally.

I have led the conceptualisation and production of design across digital and print, leading design work within in a team environment and independently, fostering client relationships and contributing to new business ideas. I have also taken an active role lecturing design, specifically delivering the UI Design & UX Design courses at Bachelor level.
Having worked alongside behavioural change specialists and service designers I have a real desire to further my career in projects that are integrated across disciplines and have purpose to the community.
I believe in simplicity, clarity and well thought-out projects: work that is for people, not at people.

— Art direction
— Brand identity
— UI design
— UX design
— Graphic design

Work hard.
Bike ride often — time for subconscious thought.
Travel & reflect.
Travel again.
Enjoy self-initiated projects, the more the better.
Continue to be fit & healthy.
Enjoy stepping away from the computer — as much as possible.
Enjoy the process.